5 Pc Spice Organizer Bundle (LIMITED QUANTITIES)


Every detail matters, and our bundle ensures you have everything you need for a refined organizational experience. Included in your purchase are:


  • 4 powerful black magnetic spice racks designed for metal surfaces, 2-Medium & 2-Large. The magnet will hold 10+ pounds and will not slide down over time!


Rack Dimensions in inches:

2- Large Racks- 11.73” Long x 4.33” Deep x 3.03” Tall

2- Medium Racks - 10.74” Long x 3.26” Deep x 3.03” Tall


  • 1- 10" Walnut acacia wood wall mount magnetic knife holder, crafted for both elegance and functionality. The magnet will hold all your favorite knives confidently!


- Strong 3M adhesive glue strip, providing a secure yet non-invasive mounting option for the knife holder. The adhesive will hold strong long-term!

- A set of screws and anchors for those preferring a traditional mounting approach.

Wood Knife Strip Dimensions in Inches: 9.8” L x 2.3” W x .66” H

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