Cooking with Greens Announces Charitable Partnership with Whole Cities Foundation to Support Families in Need

Norfolk, Virginia — February 28, 2024, Cooking with Greens, a leading culinary brand known for its commitment to healthy and wholesome cooking, is thrilled to announce a new charitable initiative in partnership with the Whole Cities Foundation. Effective immediately, a portion of every sale will be directly contributed to feeding families in need, underscoring Cooking with Greens' dedication to making a meaningful impact within the community.

Founded in 2017 by Derak and Anita Green, Cooking with Greens has rapidly grown from a beloved social media presence into a multifaceted culinary brand. With a mission centered around the viability and benefits of healthy eating habits, the brand has now taken a significant step forward in its commitment to social responsibility.

"From the very beginning, our vision for Cooking with Greens has been about more than just sharing recipes and cooking tips," said Derak Green, Co-Founder of Cooking with Greens. "It's about building a community and making a positive difference in the lives of others. Our partnership with the Whole Cities Foundation allows us to extend our reach beyond the kitchen, directly into the lives of families who need our support the most."

The Whole Cities Foundation, renowned for its efforts to improve access to healthy food and nutrition education in underserved communities, aligns perfectly with Cooking with Greens' ethos and objectives. This collaboration not only amplifies the impact of each purchase made on the Cooking with Greens website but also marks the beginning of a broader initiative to address food disparity.

Looking ahead, Cooking with Greens is exploring the development of its own nonprofit organization, aiming to tackle additional challenges related to food disparity. "This partnership is just the start," Anita Green added. "We are committed to finding new ways to leverage our platform and resources to make a lasting difference."

Customers and supporters can contribute to this cause with every purchase from Cooking with Greens, knowing that their choice helps feed families in need. For more information about Cooking with Greens and their products, visit

About Cooking with Greens

Cooking with Greens is a unique culinary brand founded by Derak and Anita Green in 2017. Originating from a popular Facebook page, the brand promotes healthy and wholesome home cooking through live broadcasts, engaging content on YouTube and Instagram, and a range of products emphasizing unprocessed foods and healthy alternatives. With the opening of their first retail shop in Norfolk, Virginia, and a mission to support community well-being, Cooking with Greens is at the forefront of making healthy eating accessible and enjoyable for all.


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