Founded in 2017 by Derak and Anita Green, Cooking With Greens has transformed from a cherished Facebook page into a pioneering culinary brand, celebrated for its dedication to healthy and wholesome home cooking. Our journey began by welcoming viewers into our family kitchen through live, interactive broadcasts, where we shared the joy of preparing meals together daily. Since then, our reach has flourished across YouTube and Instagram, where we continue to captivate audiences with our engaging and informative cooking shows, brimming with humor, wisdom, and an unwavering passion for natural foods.

In 2024, we proudly opened the doors to our first retail shop in the vibrant Selden Marketplace in Norfolk, Virginia, marking a new chapter in our mission to make healthy eating habits a tangible reality for everyone. At the heart of Cooking With Greens is our commitment to showcasing the simplicity and joy of incorporating unprocessed foods into daily life. Our exclusive range of products, from proprietary spice blends enriched with Pink Himalayan Sea Salt to our selection of no-salt blends and minimally processed ingredients, embodies our pledge to offer healthier alternatives.

Beyond our broadcasts and products, Cooking With Greens is devoted to giving back. A portion of every sale is dedicated to feeding families in need, reflecting our belief in the power of community support and generosity. While our unique offerings are currently exclusive to the Cooking With Greens website, our vision for the future includes expanding our distribution channels to bring our beloved products and recipes to an even broader audience.

Our cookbooks, filled with cherished family recipes and guides for healthier cooking, invite you into our world, offering the tools and inspiration to explore the benefits of a natural food lifestyle. Cooking With Greens is more than a brand; it's a community. We warmly welcome everyone to join the Cooking With Greens Family, fostering a deep, personal connection that extends far beyond our products.

In an ever-evolving culinary landscape, Cooking With Greens stands out by making healthy eating not just accessible, but thoroughly enjoyable. Join us on this delicious journey toward a healthier, happier life.





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